Power Oil

Apar's Specialty Oil business has a wide range of products which falls under four major categories: Transformer oils, White Oils andamp; Liquid Paraffins, Industrial/ Automotive Oils and Process Oils which include Speciality Oils for Rubber andamp; Tyre, EPM andamp; EPDM Polymers, Thermo Plastic Elastomers, Printing Inks, Hot Melt Adhesives, Metal Working Fluids and Low PCA oils applications marketed under the 'POWEROIL' brand name. Apar is the pioneer in manufacturing Transformer oils in India. The POWEROIL brand of transformer oil was launched in 1968 under Technical collaboration with Sunoil Company, USA, the then global leader in Naphthenic based products. Since then POWEROIL has become synonymous with Transformer Oil. Apar has market leadership in all its product categories and particularly so in transformer oils. Today Apar is like 4th largest manufacturer and marketer of Transformer Oils globally.

Shree STC Group is the authorized distributor of Power Oil products in Nepal.

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